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Press Release  Mar 26, 2014

CM Orange Witnesses Noise from Dupont Circle Clubs

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On Saturday March 22, Councilmember Vincent Orange -- keeping a commitment to see-for-himself the noise problems Dupont Circle residents have brought to his attention -- accompanied members of the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition on a midnight tour of clubs south of the Circle, also known as Club Central. 


Unfortunately, Councilmember Orange observed the full range of noise problems during his visit. Starting in the alley behind Rosebar (which runs parallel to Connecticut Avenue) the Councilmember observed readings of 89 decibels, eight times the legal limit, on a meter supplied by the DC Government.  In response, Councilmember Orange expressed concern that the noise would have a negative impact on future residents of the condominiums under construction on N Street opposite the alley.


Next, the group stood on the roofdeck of Jefferson Row (on Jefferson Place between Connecticut and 19th Street), where Councilmember Orange had a chance to see – and hear – the roof deck operations of several area establishments.  Public Bar’s music was clearly audible 150 feet away, while another dance club, Ozio, was controlling the music from its open roof and was inaudible at that distance.  At that point, a Jefferson Row resident told the Councilmember that ABRA inspectors say they can do nothing about the noise in response to residents’ complaints.


Orange then passed Heist, its door wide open and belting out music, despite repeated requests from residents to keep the door shut.  Just above Heist, another club is under construction that will have outdoor operations, prompting a resident, Tom McMahon, to express deep concern to Councilmember Orange about the added noise.  He urged the Councilmember to look into the license, noting “the city should not be issuing licenses for summer garden endorsements that will violate the DC Noise Control Act when operated as proposed.”


The group also witnessed dripping water, piles of trash, and seemingly unsanitary conditions in the alley behind Public Bar and 18th Street Lounge.


Sarah Peck, a Coalition leader, summed up the visit: “We were impressed and grateful that Councilmember Orange came to our neighborhood at midnight to directly experience the club noise problem. It was clear from the tour that ABRA’s Noise Task Force has had no effect on the unlawful noise levels that make life miserable for Club Central residents.  As the chair of the Council committee that oversees ABRA, we will work with him to rattle a few cages in ABRA and solve this problem.”


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