DC Nightlife Noise


The DC Noise Control Act prohibits nightclubs from exceeding the maximum limit of 60dB within a meter of their exterior walls.  This limitation applies to night clubs located in commercial zones, including in Dupont Circle, without exception.

Yet extremely high levels of amplified sound emanate from nightclubs around the city. 

Using a DCRA noise meter, the group I helped found, the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition, has documented noise in excess of 93 decibels emanating from the nightclubs south of Dupont Circle – that’s louder than a passing train, and a clear violation of the DC Noise Control Act. 
This unlawful noise has a negative impact on the lives of area residents and property values.  To those who blame residents for moving to “Club Central,” I note that the Palladium Condominium was built in the 1970’s as a residential community, pre-dating the clubs by more than a decade.
Resident concerns about excess club noise is well-known to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, club owners, police, DCRA, and ABRA.  Yet after years of complaints from residents, the authorities responsible for regulating nightclub noise – DRCA, the police, and ABRA – have failed to enforce the law. 
It seems that the enforcement regime is designed to fail:
    DCRA has two noise meters, but the DCRA inspectors who are trained to use them work only during the day.
    The police say they do not have authority to enforce the DC noise ordinance, and refer late-night callers to ABRA. 
    When a resident calls ABRA to complain about club noise, an ABRA inspector goes to the resident’s home to determine whether music is audible inside the home, rather than to the nearby club to determine whether music is audible outside the club.  Not only is this procedure an extreme inconvenience to residents, it has utterly failed to bring the noise levels down of clubs in in the Dupont Circle area. Therefore, residents say they have stopped calling ABRA because they do not get any relief.

The DC Nightlife Noise Coalition expects DC night clubs to comply with the DC Noise Control Act, which requires them to take reasonable steps to contain amplified sound.  Steps like keeping doors and windows shut, and not broadcasting dance music from rooftops. 

And the Coalition expects Mayor Gray, ABRA Director Fred Moosally, DCRA Director Majet, and Police Chief Lanier to enforce this law. 
New York City, Miami Beach, and other cities successfully enforce comparable noise limits and still have an active club scene.  We expect the same in the Nation’s Capital.

To see my white paper summarizing DC law, visit www.dcnightlifenoise.com.