DC Nightlife Noise

to promote the enforcement of DC’s Noise Ordinance for nightlcubs

Materials for Orange meeting Jun 4, 2015

Letter from the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition applauding and commenting on Vincent Orange’s bill “Nightlife Regulation Amendment Act of 2015” , May 10, 2015

Letter to Mayor and Attorney General, December 17, 2014, asking for enforcement of noise law to prevent noise disturbances from amplified music at alcohol establishments.  The letter is signed by residents and resident groups from throughout the District, namely, (in order) by Sarah Peck, Co-founder DC Nightlife Noise Coalition, Carl Nelson, Co-founder DC Nightlife Noise Coalition; Robin Diener, Co-founder DC Nightlife Noise Coalition; Dupont Circle Citizen’s Association; Sara Green, ANC4B-01 Commissioner; Jackie Blumenthal, ANC3B-02 Commissioner; Jim King, President Palladium Condominium Association, Resident ANC2B; Anne Kappel, Vice President Jefferson Row Condominium Association, Resident ANC2B; John W. Garland, President Emeritus Central State University; Joan Sterling, Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance (SDCA); Andrea Ridenour, Executive Board Member, Ledroit Park Civic Association; Golda Philip, past president Ledroit Park Civic Association; and Ben Ball, Ledroit Park Civic Association.

Letter from Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance: April 30, 2015, commenting on draft ABRA regulations noting the lack of responsiveness of ABRA to resident and citizen association concerns on the first draft of the regulations

Ozio ABC Board Order, October 14, 2014, on operation of roof deck by nightclub Ozio which upholds DC noise law and residents’ right to protection from amplified music from alcohol establishments. Ozio Re-consideration ABC Board Order denying Ozio's request for re-consuderation.

Letter from Carl Nelson to ABRA Director Fred Moosally, May 5, 2015, describing problems with current DC noise law enforcement

ABRA Noise Enforcement Checklist containing illegal interpretations of law that give investigator discretion to not find that a noise or sound is in violation

Published by DC Nightlife Noise Coalition, last update Jun 7, 2015