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Press Release  Mar 9, 2014

 Council, Mayor Vow to Control Dupont Circle Club Noise

DC Nightlife Noise Coalition

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 Mayor Vincent Gray and mayoral candidates Vincent Orange, Andy Shallal, and Tommy Wells have recently informed the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition that they favor enforcement of the DC Noise Control Act, which requires nightclubs to contain their amplified sound.
At the annual Performance and Budget Oversight hearing conducted by the DC Council on February 19, Palladium residents Sarah Peck, Abigail Nichols, Melissa Stanley, and Tom McMahon testified that ABRA, DCRA, and MPD are not enforcing the DC Noise Control Act.  Councilman Vincent Orange, Chair of the  Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, offered his support for enforcement of the Act, and offered to join the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition on a weekend night visit to Club Central for a first-hand view.  He said he hoped he would not see the disturbing conditions described by Melissa Stanley.

At the same hearing, ABRA Director Moosally testified that the law limits amplified sound levels to 60 decibels.  He acknowledged  that the Noise Task Force has not visited the Club Central Area despite resident complaints and has not issued citations for violations.

At the urging of Chairman Orange, Director Moosally made the following commitments at the hearing:  (1) ABRA will send a letter to all licensees citywide explaining the law, including the 60 decibel limit; (2) ABRA, in cooperation with other agencies, will enforce this law, and (3) Moosally will keep the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition and the Orange’s oversight committee informed on progress.

On February 20, Mayor Gray's chief of staff Chris Murphy wrote to the Coalition to confirm that the Mayor is committed to enforcing the law: "The Noise Task Force will be restarting its enforcement efforts in the next several weeks and your neighborhood will be one of the primary areas targeted to check whether licensed establishments are complying with the District’s noise laws. Prior to the beginning of the Noise Task Force’s enforcement efforts, licensed alcohol establishments will be receiving a letter from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration advising them of (1) the District’s noise provisions that they are required to follow and (2) that the multi-agency Noise Task Force will be checking licensed establishments for compliance."

 Abigail Nichols, ANC Commissioner from Ward 2 and resident of the Palladium Condominiums said, “We are pleased that the Mayor and his team are taking this issue seriously.  We look forward to confirmation that the ABRA letter to all licensees in the city has been sent.”

Sarah Peck, spokesman for the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition, said, “We are pleased that Director Moosally plans to send a letter to citywide licensees informing them of the law, but we wonder why this wasn’t done sooner.  And we continue to have questions about enforcement.  The current ABRA enforcement protocol doesn’t work.”  She said that she welcomes a chance to meet with Director Moosally to discuss ways to improve enforcement.

The Coalition's efforts to work with local club owners to voluntarily abate their sound is beginning to make a difference in Club Central.  Residents of Jefferson Place Condominiums recently wrote to ANC Ward 2 Commissioners, "The outdoor club noise has virtually ceased so clearly operators are getting the message. We hope they continue to comply."

The Coalition is also reaching out to other mayoral candidates.  At the mayoral “un-forum” at UDC law school on March 2, candidates Andy Shallal and Tommy Wells told Sarah Peck they would enforce the DC Noise Control Act if elected mayor.  When informed that nightclubs are playing dance music at full volume on roofdecks, Shallal, the owner of Busboys and Poets, exclaimed, "That's illegal!"

On March 10, concerned residents can learn about the District’s plan to reduce violence and noise associated with nightclubs, taverns, and bars.  At the Embassy Row Hotel, 2020 Massachusetts Avenue, at 7 pm, the ANC will host a neighborhood discussion on public safety.  The focus is violent crime south of Dupont Circle but ABRA Director Moosally will also report  on  ABRA plans to enforce the DC Noise Control Act. The public and the press are invited to attend.

For information about the DC Nightlife Noise Coalition and a summary of DC's law that requires nightclubs to contain amplified sound, visit www.dcnightlifenoise.com

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