DC Nightlife Noise

What You Can Do

about nightclub noise in DC

Call ABRA (202) 442-4423 or e-complain  on ABRA webpage  http://dcforms.dc.gov/webform/abra-e-complaint-form every time you hear club noise. Even if you do not want them to come into your home in the middle of the night (which is an enforcement protocol we are trying to change), you can urge them to go to the offending club and order them to turn down the sound or shut the doors. If you don't know the offending club (as in Dupont Club Central), say so.

Call the police at 311 to report individual noise violators, specific nightclubs, plastic bucket drummers.  If 311 fails to connect you to a responsible party, call 911 as a last resort.

Write to the Mayor, ABRA Director Moosally, Police Chief Lanier, and DCRA Director. Tell them how the noise is affecting you, and demand that they enforce the law. Their contact points are:

Contact your Council member:

    * Ward 1 Brianne Nadeau bnadeau@dccouncil.us       (202) 724-8181
    * Ward 2 Jack Evans jevans@dccouncil.us      202/724-8058
    * Ward 3 Mary Cheh mcheh@dccouncil.us      202/724-8062
    * Ward 4   Vacant @dccouncil.us      202/247-8052
    * Ward 5 Kevin McDuffie kmcduffie@dccouncil.us      202/724-8028
    * Ward 6 Charles Allen callen@dccouncil.us       202/724-8072
    * Ward 7 Yvette Alexander yalexander@dccouncil.us      202/724-8068
    * Ward 8   Vacant @dccouncil.us     202/724-8045
    * at-large Anita Bonds abonds@dccouncil.us      202/724-8064
    * at-large Elissa Silverman  esilverman@dccouncil.us      202/724-7772
    * at-large Vincent Orange vorange@dccouncil.us      202/724-8174
    * at-large  David Grosso dgrosso@dccouncil.us     202/724-8105
    * Chair Phil Mendelson pmendelson@dccouncil.us       202/724-8032

Challenge the Mayor and mayoral candidates at public hearings on their poor record, and demand action.

Attend Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) meetings and raise the issue of poor enforcement of the noise ordinance. ANCs already engaged in nightlife noise issues, and most have an ABRA Committee:

Note: other ANCs with alcohol noise issues are welcome to join this list.

Write letters to the editor of local newspapers and magazines:

Join and advocate in your neighborhood association:

Note: other asssociations with alcohol noise issues are welcome to join this list.

Take your smart phone with a soundmeter app to the nightclub where you hear music regularly and record the sound level in dB. Your phone is not official but it is reasonably accurate from 50dB (conversation) to about 80 dB (far too loud for near residences). Note your estimate of how much louder the sound is than normal conversation. Use those numbers in your complaints and letters to the authorities.

Tell your stories to local scene bloggers:  Greater Greater WashingtonPoPville, District Curmudgeon, 14th & You, In Shaw , Columbia Heights News , The Hill is Home , DCist , WeLoveDC , Note: blogs come and go at the whim of the blogger.

Copy us on your correspondence to city officials so that we can keep track of your complaints. 

And let us know if you have had success dealing with business owners.  We will profile their willingness to respond to your concerns!

Contact us at contact@dcnightlifenoise.com

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